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Friends of the Library


Due to the projects that are run from the library additional support for the programmes is always welcomed.

Further study opportunities exist through the Alexsan Community Library where more than 3 500 residents of Alexandra make use of the library facilities.

An important function of the library is the provision of experts in the fields of biology, maths, science and english to head the winter school courses. Learning sessions are supplemented through the libraryís selection of Learning Channel DVDís on a wide variety of educational and school subjects.

Young children are not left out of the Alexsan Community Library's range of activities and are involved in educational games, competitions, quizzes, research, homework assistance, story-telling sessions including basic reading and writing skills. 

In addition, stimulating visits have been arranged to places of educational value in and around Johannesburg, such as the city zoo, the Johannesburg Planetarium and various science museums. 

The libraryís outreach programmes include debates, treasure hunts, spelling competitions, life skills workshops and the Womenís Caf?that meets on a weekly basis to discuss issues that affect their lives.


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