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The history of the organisation began in 1986 when community leaders came together with the objective that something needed to happen to bring the people of Alexandra together.  Since the Alex reprieve of 1979 little had been done to improve the infrastructure of the town.

Research showed that housing was a necessity but as important was the setting up of a multi- purpose community resource centre. At the time there was no centre where the community could come for meetings, information, access a variety of services, to learn and develop. 

Some leaders made contact with concerned residents in nearby suburbs and together they linked hands, which gave birth to the name of Alexsan Kopano

By having the focus of building a centre, there was activity at many levels over the next five years. The community become involved in raffles, buy a brick, jumble sales, functions and local and international fundraising.

They went to view other centres, liaised with the architects on the composition of the building and set up their constitution. 

The association became a Trust in 1990 when funds for the Alexsan Resource Centre became a reality. The Centre, located in the middle of Alexandra, was officially opened on 19th February 1992 just over five years since its first inception. 

It sits close to the hearts of the people of Alexandra, as it was a true community effort that made it happen.

The Trust today is a non-government, non-profit organisation that provides a comprehensive range of services.


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