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Security and Maintenance for a Basic Facility
What does vandalism entail ?
Acts of vandalism may range from minor damage to the removal of entire buildings, effectively leaving only the bare foundations.

Typical incidences of vandalism of sport and recreation facilities may include any of the following:


The removal of barbed wire from precast concrete or other fencing.
The removal or breaking of precast concrete panels.
The theft of sections of wire fencing and recast concrete walls.
Removal or damaging of gates.


The theft or damage to water reticulation system including tanks, pumps , piping, electrical connections, etc.
Damage to tennis / combi courts and in particular the throwing of stones onto courts with the resultant damage to specialized surfaces.


Damage to doors , seating , etc.
Breaking of windows.
Removal or damage to ablution fittings (toilet, hand basins, taps, piping.)
Removal of steel roofsheeting.

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