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Security and Maintenance for a Basic Facility
What can be done about it?
The eradication of the vandalism of sport and recreation facilities is neither simple nor straight forward.


· Involve the community from the onset, before the facility is constructed, in decision making regarding the design, location and expected usage of the facility.
· Setting up forums / steering committees representing a wide range of stakeholders in the community.
· Hand the management of the facility over to the local sports committee.
· Employ a caretaker who can look after the facility full-time.
· Active involvement of local politicians, councilors and all leaders in the community.
· Involvement of individuals / clubs and community organizations and out of sport via committees / action groups.
· Involvement of the youth through organized, educated use of facilities.
· Local communities and individuals to take responsibility fro the problem and to adopt the facilities as their own.
· Social upliftment of communities
· Promotion and marketing of the use of facilities to demonstrate their value to the local community.
· Sourcing of funds for the proper maintenance and management of facilities.
· Ongoing education of communities to combat lawlessness and vandalism.
· Training of facility managers.


Security is of the utmost importance. The first line of security is the fencing around the sport complex site.

Fencing is a specialized trade. Only general comments on the utilization of different types of fencing that will enhance security are therefore offered.

“Closed” type of fencing.
· Brick walling
· Precast concrete walling
· Corrugated steel sheeting.

“Open” types of fencing
· Wire mesh fencing
· Steel palisades
· Concrete palisades
The decision on the type of fencing will be determined by:
· The ultimate use of the facility, e.g. privacy may be needed where entrance fees are charged and closed fencing will therefore be required.
· The availability of funds, as concrete palisades are obviously far more expensive than wire mesh fencing.

Example: Brick Walling

For added security, brick walls should have razor wire firmly secured to the walls:

Click pic for larger image.

Maintenance: Repairs should immediately be done to any first break of security fencing, e.g. one broken wire strand will make the fence vulnerable.

Example: Precast concrete walls

Click pic for larger image.

Maintenenance: Inspect fence weekly and repair broken panels immediately.  This also applies to razor coils on top of wall.

Hint: Invite community groups/schools to paint murals on the walls.  This will not only enhance the looks of the facility, but will also serve as a deterent for vandals waiting to steal parts of the walling.

Example: Corrugated steel sheeting

In spite of the "value" of corrugated iron sheeting as a general building material this can be a very effective and secure fence as it is not very expensive and the sharp edges of sheeting are as effective as razor wire, but the following details should apply:

Click pic for larger image.

Maintenance:  Inspect fence weekly and repair damage or areas tampered with.  Replace any tampered screws and bolts.  Make sure fence is sturdy.


Example: Wire mesh fencing

Fencing contractors have specific details with the following found to be effective.  All critical areas should be fenced in e.g. pumps, boreholes, tanks.

Click pic for larger image.

Maintenance:  Inspect fence weekly.  Repair any cut wires - especially razor coils on top.


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