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Facility Management Series - Programming a Sport and Recreation Facility - Workforce Utilisation
Customer relations should top your training list, especially for staff that fill positions where they have regular contact with the users of your facility. Expertise in handling complaints and follow-up on user comments are most important. 

A typical staff component for a bigger facility:

  • Manager 
  • Typist / receptionist, clerk / cashier 
  • Handyman / groundsman 
  • Cleaners, machine operators
  • Leaders / course presenters / coaches etc.

Consider investing in training programmes and / or refresher courses for your staff, it will also assist in keeping them motivated. Consult with them beforehand and establish their trainirg needs before embarking on what could be an expensive exercise in improving their skills. It is of the utmost importance to have programme presenters that are creative in their presentations, are "people people" and that honestly enjoy working with their programme participants. No amount of money can undo negative perceptions created by leaders who do not have people skills and who ignore the needs of their clientele.

  • When assigning your staff certain duties, there are a few issues to bear in mind: 
  1. Consult with them before drafting the working schedule. 
  2. Make allowance for time off after long stretches on duty. 
  3. Alternate duties between staff members. This will keep them interested 
    and motivated to do their work. 

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