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Facility Management Series - Programming a Sport and Recreation Facility - Programme Planning


It is imperative that adequate planning is done which in the end will compliment the facility and contribute towards its image.


One disadvantage in using outdoor facilities is that the weather plays an important and sometimes unwelcome part in your programme. When planning activities provision should be made for contingencies. Have an indoor facility available in case it rains.


When running full day programmes provision has to be made for refreshments. The funds for this could be included in the course fee. Otherwise you can get sponsors, run half day programmes which excludes meals or warn participants to provide their own packed lunch. If you have kitchen/kiosk facilities, low budget meals could be made available at affordable prices.


Adequate time for necessary maintenance should be set aside as part of your programme planning. Never do maintenance, apart from breakages that need immediate attention (e.g. replacing a light bulb) when a particular venue is in use, to prevent claims for possible injuries sustained by onlookers.


  • All bookings should be viewed as tentative, until receipt of a deposit of the full fee, depending on the type of programme.
  • The Control Board / Facility Management Committee should reserve the right to cancel any meeting / programme if circumstances do not permit the continuance thereof.
  • No telephonic reservations, changes to applications / reservations or cancellations should be accepted. Detailed arrangements, with regard to the utilisation of apparatus / equipment required and room setup have to be made at least one week before the proposed meeting / event / start of the programme.


  • Ensure that proper security systems for access control, in event of fire or other emergencies are in place.
  • Good lighting at night is a prerequisite, inside the facility as well as out- side, allowing programme participants to feel comfortable.
  • Organise additional security when big crowds or high profile persons are expected to visit your facility. Appoint supervisors for all change rooms and toilets, especially at peak hours.


  • Make special provision for taxis, buses, VIP's and officials, etc.
  • Leave the parking area at the administration office block open for use by officials and emergency vehicles.
  • Allow ample space for quick evacuation during emergencies, dedicate officials to organise parking in an orderly fashion during major events to prevent blocked access roads or driveways. 


  • Strict discipline has to be maintained over participants at all times to ensure that they do not wander on the premises and enter restricted areas.
  • Clubs/Schools hosting big events should be held responsible for any damage caused by e.g. people attempting to climb over fences or cut holes in it, or for other damage to the facility structure.

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