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Facility Management Series - Programming a Sport and Recreation Facility - Maintenance and Cleaning
First impressions last. Your facilities must therefore be well maintained on the inside as well as on the outside. You are responsible for creating a clean, friendly and healthy en vironment for your clients.
  • Leave enough time between functions / programmes in order to clean and maintain the facility. The person in charge of bookings must be informed about the time needed between events. 
  • Store away equipment neatly. 
  • Train staff in correct storage methods e.g. mats must be placed flat on a hard surface, store spades, forks or rakes facing downwards. 
  • Should you have any minor breakages such as broken lights or door knobs falling off, repair it immediately, if possible. For major damage professional assistance should be obtained as soon as possible. 
  • Inflammable material must be stored in a separate room. Provide fire ex tinguishers at this storeroom.
EXAMPLE - Cleaning schedule: M Davies 
Monday Sweeping and general clean up
Tuesday Mop, polish floors and general clean up 
Wednesday Cleaning toilets and general clean up 
Thursday Cleaning outside and general clean up
Friday Cleaning windows and general clean up
Saturday Cleaning equipment and furniture 
Sunday Clean halls and restaurant 
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