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Facility Management Series - Programming a Sport and Recreation Facility - Booking System
No facility can be managed or utilised with out a proper booking system to regulate its usage. A diary is very useful for listing all facilities and the programmes to be hosted.
Access to a computer could assist greatly in streamlining booking as well as bookkeeping systems and in keeping personal particulars of members and participants up to date. A wall calendar covering a year could also be very helpful in showing bookings at a glance.

Where there are several frequent users of the facility, it is necessary to discuss the timetable with all these stakeholders, before it is implemented. During this consultation everyone should have the opportunity to g ive their opinions be fore a final decision is taken. The booking system should provide for certain events being given a higher priority than others, e.g. 

  • International events (first priority) 
  • National events (second priority) 
  • Provincial events (etc.) 
  • League events 
  • Club events 
  • School events
Each facility should set its own priorities according to the needs of the community through consultation. Every facil ity should have a fee structure drafted in consultation with all stakeholders. Fees could be reviewed annually. 
The following are examples of forms that may be used:
Example 1 Simple booking system for halls or an outdoor facility.  An A4 size diary or a line text book will come in handy. Preview
Example 2 Application form to use a sport / recreation facility. Preview
Example 3 Application form to use a hall. Preview
Example 4 Application form for registering course participants. Preview
Example 5 Form detailing information regarding the presenter, participant's details and programme requirements. Preview
Example 6 An indemnity form used when major events are staged at a facility. Preview
Example 7 User fees for outdoor evening soccer matches utilising council operated fields with pavilion / seating. Preview
Example 8 Floodlight fees. Preview
Example 9 Hall reservation fees. Preview
CONFIRM BOOKING It is advisable to ensure that the full deposit is fully paid and a receipt issued before any booking is confirmed.
Example 10 Receipt Preview
Communicate booking to caretaker and / or course presenter

It is important to communicate the reservation of the facility / a course to the facility caretaker / presenter in order to discuss posible requirements and to ascertain that no unscheduled maintenance is undertaken during the booked period, e.g. grass cutting etc.  It is the caretaker's responsibility to prepare the facility for the user, to establish a friendly presence during the event and to clean up afterwards.


It is good policy to contact the user after the event to discuss possible problems / highlights that were experienced.  Note comments on a standard evaluation form and keep in a special file.  Note those staff who might benefit from the outcome of the evaluation.  If a deposit was paid by the user, a refund is payable if no breakages were reported by the caretaker.

Example 11 An after service evaluation form for a hall. Preview

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