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Marketing your Facility
Your Target Market
What is a target market?
A target market is the group of people you want to talk to about using or supporting your facility. Knowing exactly who the target market is will help you to say the right things to the right people in order to achieve your objectives.



· Donation
A donation is a charitable gesture such as when a company gives money to a welfare organization without expecting anything in return. In other words there are no conditions to the donation.

· Sponsorship
Sponsorship is a business deal, such as when a company pays money or gives goods or services (volume in mind) in exchange for advertising exposure. In other words the organization receiving the sponsorship many must give something in return. In the case of a sports facility this is most often advertising billboards around the field or in the hall or the right to use the facility for certain events. There are two main types of sponsorship.

· Cash sponsorship
Cash sponsorship means being paid money in return for “exposure”. Cash sponsorship is generally very difficult to get. Special companies actually make raising sponsorship their business, but they generally cannot help small local facilities. As a facility manager you have to take on this job yourself.

Sponsorship in Kind
Sponsorship in kind is when the sponsor provides you with products or services rather than actual money. For example, a paint company might give your facility paint for improvements in return for the right to paint their name and telephone number on your front wall.

Sponsorship proposal
· You will need a brief and professionally prepared proposal consisting of the activities / programme presented by the facility, a user profile together with an introductory letter.
· Direct this is to the person that make sponsorship decisions on behalf of the company and contact this person directly.
· Give full details of the sum required.
· How it will be spent and be quite clear as to exactly what you can offer the sponsor in return.
· A prospective sponsor may also require a copy of your latest audited financial statements as part of your proposal.
· Press clippings of previous events that can received media coverage or a brochure about your facility could boost your proposal.
· Don’t offer everything to one sponsor
· You can offer a lot of signs along the edges of the fields and along the front wall but only one sponsor can have “naming right” for the facility itself. The naming rights should be the most expensive sponsorship and should be paid for annually. This is not the same as putting their logo on the wall. Rather it is naming the facility after the sponsor.

Community support
· Getting the community to use the facility every day might require meetings and visits with local schools.
· Speak a small groups of people spend their time.
· You may need to produce posters.
· One way of getting big jobs done is by involving the community.
· There are many people with useful skills in your community, like painting sign writing, carpentry, gardening or who could help with transport.
· The community and club members can assist in a big way too by raising money via.
· Seeking donations
· Obtaining grants
· Obtaining sponsorships
· Engaging new members
· Organising fundraising events.

· What exposure is worth depends mostly on “Reach” refers to the number of people that will see messages at your facility or referring to your facility.
· Reach is a word often used by people in radio and TV stations meaning how many people hear the radio station or watch a TV programme.
· Work out about how many people use the facility every month. To calculate this add up all the members of each club plus your own staff and spectators at each match.
· Count how many cars or other vehicles drive past the facility in a day. Multiple this number by 90 (30 days in a month and an average of 3 people per vehicle). This is a rough estimate of your drive-by-by exposure measured in people per month.
· As a general guideline you can reasonable charge about 10c per person you calculated in your monthly reach. For example, if 1000 people use your facility every month, and 8000 people drive past every month, you could charge the sponsor R900 per month to have an advertising sign on your front wall, and another in the facility where it will be seen by the facility users. Naming rights should pay the cost of actually painting and erecting the signs and money should be paid in advance, before the signs are put up.

Example: Most common target markets for sports facilities.

· If you want to fix-up the facility or get more people to use it you will need to speak to the whole COMMUNITY.
· If your facility is dirty and full of litter you may want to do a clean-up . You should contact the local SCHOOLS.
· If you have decided that a sports competition or a recreational event is what your facility needs you should talk to local SPORTS AND RECREATION ORGANISERS.
· If you have facilities for sports which are not being used you will need to talk to SPORTS AND RECREATION CLUBS.
· If you want to improve the facility by getting new equipment or building new fields, walls or a clubhouse you will need to find POSSILBE SPONSORS.

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