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Marketing your Facility
Using a Medium 
What is a Medium?
A medium is the way we get messages to people. Depending on where your facility is located and what type of community it serves, you will have different options available to you. For most local facilities, national media such as TV, newspapers and radio stations are too expensive and wasteful since you mostly want to talk to your local community and the whole country. But there are many other ways of getting your message across. Types of mediums via which messages may be transmitted.


· Local (community) radio stations can be very helpful and may not even cost money. These stations are dedicated to improving community spirit.
· You could speak to the radio station and ask whether they could announce all the events at your facility the week before they take place and mention regular club meetings at a set time each week.
· It is important, of course , that you keep them up to date with everything happening at the facility and make sure you know what questions they will ask. Prepare your answers BEFORE you go to a radio interview.

Example: Radio Announcement Script
“What ‘s happening at the community Sports and Recreation Facility this week? The Soccer club is playing against the Visitors at 2pm on Saturday. Come and give your support! The ballroom dancing club holds practice on Monday and Wednesdays. Come along and meet people and learn to dance. Our two local choirs practice on Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 7pm.. Do you have a good voice. Come along and sing! Come and visit the Facility opposite Checkers on Main road or phone the facility at 112-2525 for more information or to list your club’s activities. Sports and Clubs are good for you and good for our community. Support the facility.


Printing and handling out chap leaflets can be a very quick way of promoting activities at your facility. If you have a big event coming up, distributing leaflets the week before can be an easy way to inform lots of people.
· Drop leaflets in mail boxes and waiting rooms.
· Leave stacks on pharmacy or café counters, clinics, schools and post office.
· Ask volunteers to distribute them on street corners.

Remember that if you print and hand out 2000 leaflets you can probably expect about 10% or 200 people to come , so make sure you print enough to ensure you get the number of participants or spectators you want.

Example: Leaflet

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Local newspaper are another very useful media which may also provide a regular weekly column listing activities and opportunities at your facility.

Invite journalists to attend activities or functions at your facility.

Example: Newspaper Advert

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Start a newsletter to inform the community regularly about events, training courses, seminars, etc. One page at a time could photocopied to cut down costs.


The word “outdoor advertising” refers to any advertising that can be seen outside. This includes street posters, billboards, signs and messages painted on walls. This is one of the easiest and most effective ways of both promoting your facility and offering sponsors value in return. Remember that you need permission from the Municipality to put up posters.

Example: Outdoor Signage

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“PR stands for Public or Press Relations. It involves with people working for newspapers and radio stations and encouraging them to help you to achieve your objectives by writing articles or doing interviews. Remember that the media (newspapers, radio and TV) will only be interested in helping you if the stories they can write will be interesting and appealing to their readers. What champions come to your facility to practice? Which sports or recreational activities are the most popular in the community.


Getting the Message Across 

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