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Marketing your Facility
The Facility
You are responsible for a sport and recreation facility. It may be an indoor facility like a recreation hall or outdoor facility like a soccer field. In the former case it might include meeting rooms, office, several different types of outdoor sports fields and indoor courts. Your job is to make sure that your facility is used as much as possible by the community it was intended to serve. If your sports fields, indoor courts and meeting rooms are empty most of the time, your facility is not being used adequately. To ensure usage it is necessary to market the facility.


Marketing is the process of making your product known and getting people to use it. There are several was to marketing and promoting a sport and recreation facility:

Advertising and promotion
Public relations
Direct marketing
Special events.


Get the community, clubs and cultural organizations to use the facility .
Generate outside income to pay for sports equipment or improvements to the facility.
Find sponsors to pay the costs of presenting a sports event.
Improve performance level / participation of sports persons working out at your facility.
Increase community involvement and social opportunities.


Local telephone directory / yellow pages
Local business directory (to identify possible sponsors)
Ground plan of your facility.
List of all local radio stations
List of TV station
Local and regional newspapers ./ magazines
Stationery ( pens, markers, large sheets of paper, notepads)
An address book in which to write useful contact numbers (a big one will be best)
Membership list and lists of possible target groups eg. Clubs, sports, bodies, cultural groups etc.

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