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Marketing your Facility
Customer Feedback
Talk to the people who use your facility to find out what they need and whether they are happy to use your facility. This provides you with information on how to improve it. Feedback may be obtained from yours forums, via public meetings and staff representation on club committees as well as individual questionnaires. Keep a “Feedback File”.


· What is your sport or recreational activity?
· Are you happy practicing / playing / meeting/ at our facility?
· What are the best things about the facility for you?
· What improvements to the facility would make things better for you and your sports?
· Do the fields/ courts suit your sport or recreational activity?
· If you were to have it work well that the management could provide?


If you have a big event e.g. a Regional Championship at your facility you should do a “Post Event Analysis”. A Post Event Analysis is a list of everything that worked out well and everything that went wrong. This is very important so you can do better the next time around . If you have a sponsor, you should give copies of the Post Event Analysis to the organizers and the sponsor with a letter thanking them for the support.

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