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Section 21 company or an association not for gain
This is a special type of company or association that must have as its main objective the promotion of religion, arts, sciences, education, charity, recreation, sport or any other cultural or social activity.

It is governed by a constitution called the Memorandum and Articles of Association. The Memorandum sets out the objectives of the company and the Articles set out the regulations that govern the internal affairs of the company. The minimum number of members is seven. 

The affairs of the Association are open to public scrutiny through the Register of Companies. Members of the Public can have access to information concerning such a company.

In both urban and rural area an inclusive governance and management structure would include your existing users and stakeholders, community organisations, local government and individuals who have taken an interest in the facility.

Before confirming the nominations for your structure debate whether there are people in your community who can offer additional expertise and capacity that can become involved but perhaps have not been considered in the past?

Before the Annual General Meeting (see your constitution for details) one could spend time encouraging new groupings to join your facility.

Once you have people who are willing and able to serve, nominations and elections will vary according to the structure your facility has decided to set up. Your constitution, trust document or the Memorandum and Articles of Association will determine your nomination and election procedures.

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