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Financial and General Administration
Sound general and financial administration goes a long way toward success in the day to day running of a facility. Facilities generally have to juggle their resources to make them stretch as far as possible. If your facility can establish a good reputation in its administrative matters it will establish a favourable climate for acquiring further funding and development. 

The facility manager who follows a community-centred approach will ensure that financial matters are transparent and that community stakeholders are consulted regarding all decisions that may have a significant impact on the running of ”their” facility. 

Your facility is accountable to its stakeholders for the assets in its care. 

The facility’s usage programme has to be carefully balanced in order to ad- dress the full range of the community’s needs. When planning a facility it always helps to visit other facilities and borrow ideas that may suit your specific needs. Observe how much space they have given to refreshment outlets, storerooms, seating areas, offices, activity rooms, library, sub-divisible halls and the kitchen and how they manage the space for their particular community. Because of the potential multi-usage of a facility, storeroom space is particularly important, as you must be able to divide rooms and store furniture and equipment when needed according to the function or event taking place. 

Operating hours must coincide with community needs as far as possible. Some larger facilities may have 24-hour security to allow around the clock usage. In addition, if the facility has a paypoint for electricity, people returning from work may need to purchase units before cooking supper. It is important that the facility should be able to serve the community during the hours most needed.


  • Overhead projectors, sound equipment, flip charts and slide projectors can be rented out at an advertised amount.
  • Services such as photocopying, faxing and computer typing of c.v.’s, notices, letters, etc, can be provided by the facility for a market related fee.
  • Public telephones are also a valuable service to offer the community. 
  • Access to a computer, say in the library, that can also be rented out. Avoid any imported discs that may carry a virus that could disable your system. (The facility administrative computer remains for facility admin use only). 
  • An answering machine could be useful depending on your facility hours or if you are a one-man manager. Be aware that irritation is not caused, because it is continuously on. Your community needs to know someone is there, not just a machine. 
  • With your Board you can explore the options of leasing or buying equipment such as catering or office equipment that could he hired out.
  • Consider purchasing a safe if you handle large amounts of money or a secure filing cupboard for smaller amounts. Large amounts of cash should be banked as soon as possible. Together with your Board and insurance company you can agree on a procedure.
  • Having a good secure storeroom is important for the safe keeping of your moveable equipment. 
  • Also charge a safety deposit for equipment hired out. It should be refundable once the item is returned in good order. 

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