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A Community Service Centred Approach to Facility Management

The purpose of this booklet is to introduce the novice facility manager to the practical skills needed to ensure full community participation in the sport and recreation facility that is his / her responsibility.

Community Service Centred Approach
Financial and general administration
Managing staff and volunteers
Communication and other complementary skills
The role of computers in the facility

Community Service Centred Approach
What is meant by a community approach?
It means that all groups / stakeholders in a community who may have an interest in a particular facility, are to be presented with the opportunity to participate actively in the planning, operation and utilisation of the facility.
Who are the Groups / Stakeholders? 
  • Community organisations and leaders
  • User groups
  • Individual community members
  • Local government
  • Funders
  • Volunteers and Permanent staff
  • Sports and recreation clubs, schools, counsellors, etc.

The stakeholders, who have a vested interest in your facility, will be willing to invest resources such as time.  With ownership comes responsibility and the right to become involved.  Ownership in turn will bring commitment, interest and greater security to the facility.

Why a Community Service Centred Approach?
To ensure:
  • That the facility is located where the community wants it.
  • That it is community-owned (reduction in vandalism, crime rate).
  • Increased participation levels (better health as antidote to sedentary, life-styles) when participating in programmes promoting physical activity.
  • Good social and cross-cultural interaction, especially when sport and recreation events are staged.
  • Empowerment of the local community because they have to share responsibility for taking care of the facility.
  • That the "white elephant" syndrome is prevented (round the clock utilisations of facilities).
  • Higher levels of involvement by volunteers (lower running / maintenance costs).
  • Tailormade programmes and projects that suit community needs (programmes suit age and income of different target groups).
  • That outside sports and local business sponsorships are attracted, bacuse it is actively frequented by the local community.
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