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Budgeting and Financial Control
Source of funding
The previous discussions focused mainly on the expenditure of the budget. The revenue (income) is however, just as important as this forms the basis for your expenditure.


· Membership fees paid to the club / facility might be the main and most reliable source of revenue.
· The manager can utilize this source to increase revenue, by either increasing membership fees or by increasing membership numbers via good marketing and excellent services.


· The soccer club could for instance erect goal posts or adds change room facilities for visiting teams at their own cost.
· A percentage of users income from profit making functions / events may be negotiated to benefit the facility maintenance account.


· People utilizing your facility might be required to pay a certain tariff.
· You could increase revenue especially if clients are satisfied with what the facility has to offer.
· A sliding scale should be used to differentiate between fees for members, private organizations, business and NGO’s.
· Motivate users to tidy up after functions by offering a discount that may lower the cleaning bill.
· When office space is available, permanent tenants could provide a steady income (lease agreements will be needed to formalize this type of arrangement) and they can provide a service to the community.
· Equipment may also be rented out to approved users.


· The community which utilizes the facility can be another source of funding .
· This can be in the form of cash, contributions or by volunteering professional expertise, for example , to repair a broken pipe without charging for the labour and materials.
· Unemployed youth could be invited to undertake cleaning and maintenance duties in exchange for free use of the facility.
· The community could also be invited to assist in organising jumble sales, raffles, community days and participate in “think tanks” on fundrasing.


Grants-in-aid from government structures can be obtained through official channels. This income can be utilised for programmes or even capital development,depending on the facility’s budget.


Sponsorship could be one of the best sources of funding. The manager must, however, make sure that the budget is based on firm commitments from sponsors (in writing) and not on promises. A good understanding of what sponsors want in return and necessary skills to draft business plans is a prerequisite before the manager should even consider approaching a sponsor.


An indoor facility could serve as a pay point for electricity, rates or pensions, have telephones (all phone cards), do typing (job applications), faxing and photocoping for a small fee. It can also offer counseling and training services.
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