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Computer and Business Fundamentals Training - Alexandra

The main focus of this cost centre is the eight week computer training and business fundamentals course. We run two computer studios and a theory classroom full time during the day for entry level students. We additionally run computer night classes and Saturday classes. Advanced classes are also given during the year.

The studios are seen as a resource to address some of the skills shortages of our youth who have left school and are looking for work. We have been running the day time bridging course now since 1994 and it continues to be popular amongst our students.

The computer studios offer three categories of training:

  1.  The full-time eight-week Work Skills Training Programme consisting of Business Fundamentals and Basic & Intermediate Computer Literacy
  2. The six-week full time Advanced Computer Literacy
  3.  The Evening and Saturday Computer and Technology classes

All computer courses include Windows, Typing, Word and Excel, with the more advanced classes adding advanced versions of the above. To this is added Power Point, Access, Outlook, the Internet and E–mail. The Business Fundamentals course includes bridging topics such as Business Communication, Telephone Skills, Self-Empowerment, Work Management, Basic Accounts, Economics, and Taxation.

We trained 368 students in categories 1, 2 and 3 above of which a total of 191 were full time students, 66 Saturday class students, 75 evening class students and 36 advanced students. Female students continue to be the main participants in our classes e.g. in one class of 48 students 40 are female and 8 are male.

Word of mouth used to be the most favoured form of recruitment which has now been supplemented with newspaper advertising in the local press. Posters and pamphlets are used from time to time and signage has now been put up on the centre’s external wall. We continue to review our performance and standards through regular assessment and over the next period will move from having a Provisional Accreditation with the MICTSETA to a full Accreditation. Currently we are administering NQF level assessments for those who wish to participate as well as continuing with our own testing procedures carried out since our beginnings in 1994.

Through teamwork and working together this department ensures that they deliver what is best for the student. Our trainers must deliver at a high standard and at the end of each course each trainer’s performance is also assessed by the students. Students, before the course starts, are informed by the administrator on what the courseware entails and the expectations and commitment we expect from them.

The department consists of three full time trainers, two who specialise in computer training and one who specializes in business fundamentals theory training. The ratio in the computer classes is one trainer to 12 students. There is a full time administrator who is assisted by a trainee volunteer. There is a great deal of administrative work involved in running the project which includes the recruitment of students to marking exam papers together with the general smooth running of the office.

Our learners even though resident in Alex come from a cross section of other provinces.

Where the internet is utilized in our computer administration and computer training we also share this network with the Alexsan Library’s internet café where students are able to access information for their studies and participate in job search sites.

The Computer Tutor – Soweto

During this past period we continue to run the eight-week computer training and business fundamentals day course plus the Saturday classes. The evening classes are still not in demand in Soweto due to families wanting to be at home before it gets dark.

The focus of this centre is similar to that of the Alexandra lead centre and that is to address the skills shortages of our youth who have left school and are looking for work.

The computer centre is based at the Nicro Centre in Soweto.

We trained a total of 155 students during this period of which 96 were full time students and 59 Saturday Class students.

Due to the profile of Soweto and the spaced out residential nature of the area we continue to advertise at the beginning of each course in order to attract candidates. We continue to hope that the word of mouth will increase in the future saving the cost of regular advertising before each course commences.


Our sincere thanks go to Toyota South Africa for their support of the computer studio as mentioned above and the NLDTF for supporting some of our running costs.

We would also like to thank all our past and present students for their support, as it is through your participation that we can assist you and continue to assist those students after you.

We would also like to thank the computer team for their commitment, input and reliability over the past year.

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